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Keyfuels Sites Locator


This application enables Keyfuels cardholders to find the nearest sites where they can use their card, display these sites on a map, list them, view their details and optionally open Google Maps™ with a route to a selected site.The selected sites are usually near your current location but in release 2, there is an option to select site near a UK postcode.
How Keyfuels Sites WorksKeyfuels Sites uses the network location and GPS capabilities of the device to determine the current location and then download the nearest sites. Once downloaded, these sites can be displayed a map and listed in ascending order of distance from the current location.
MapsThe maps support zoom buttons and pan using finger drag – in the same way as Google Maps™. By touching a site’s icon, its details can be displayed.
The Site ListSites are listed in ascending order of distance from the current location. By selecting a site its details can be displayed.
Site DetailsSite details can be displayed by selecting a site from a map or the Nearest Sites List. Site details include address, opening times, and directions. There is an option to open Google Maps™ with a route to the selected site. . If this option is selected, it is easy to return to the application using the Android back key
Geographic ScopeThere are approximately 1,500 Keyfuels sites throughout the UK including Northern Ireland.
Vehicle Type SelectionKeyfuels Sites enables you to select sites appropriate to your type of vehicle. There are three options:-· All Keyfuels sites· Only Light Commercial Vehicle/Car sites · Heavy Goods Vehicle sites only
HelpKeyfuels Sites includes context-sensitive, help screens.
Device RequirementsKeyfuels Sites uses both network location and GPS Satellite location – the first for speed and the second for accuracy.Both of these methods require a mobile data connection, not just Wifi. It also uses Google Maps™ which must be installed on your device.
Mobile DataKeyfuels Sites uses mobile data to download the nearest sites in a compact data format and to download Google Maps™.Network mobile data is required, not just wifi.
Limitations on UseKeyfuels Sites must not be used while driving.
The Keyfuels Sites application has been developed for Keyfuels by Caversham Telecom Ltd who also provide email support.